Antique oak claw foot table. Oak coffee table uk. Antique table and chair

Antique Oak Claw Foot Table

antique oak claw foot table

    claw foot
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antique oak claw foot table - Paws, Claws,

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Paws, Claws, Hands, and Feet

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Elegant blue + white bathroom + claw-footed tub: 'Light Blue' + 'Old White' by Farrow & Ball

Elegant blue + white bathroom + claw-footed tub: 'Light Blue' + 'Old White' by Farrow & Ball

Interior designer Paolo Moschino: "I never treat a bathroom as a bathroom, but as another room in the house. The first thing I bought was the painting, and the colors came out of it. There's a powdery blue on the walls and a powdery gray on the wainscoting. Very soft. When you walk in every morning, you don't want to have a shock. It's a soothing combination."

Walls are painted Light Blue and wainscoting is Old White, both by Farrow & Ball.

Photo by Simon Upton, House Beautiful, August 2009.



When I was a little-little kid we had one of these claw foot bathtubs. This one is in the upstairs bathroom of my eldest daughter's house. I'm pretty sure it is original to the house, which was built in 1902.

I had to lay down on the floor to shoot this and didn't have room to move around enough to get the angle I wanted for a better comp, but I kind of like it anyway. Hope you do too.
By the way, notice the PURPLE :))

antique oak claw foot table

antique oak claw foot table

T-Jak TJ-104D Drywall Kit  with T-Jak, 2-Foot Extension and Two Drywall Extension Tabs

The T-JAKA cabinet and drywall tool, model TJ-104 D gives the t-jack cabinet jack an added reach. It is used to support the support the plasterboard that is being installed on the ceiling. Includes a t-jack, a 2 Ft. extension shaft, a pair of drywall support brackets. This tool also handles many difficult overhead tasks. With the 2 Ft. extension, the support range is 52 In. up to 9 Ft. support crown molding: with a 2 In. x 6 In. screwed on edge to the TJ-104D top plate and then raised to the ceiling to be a support ledge to hold up the far end of long moldings while the installer is fine tuning or nailing the other end. This will allow the installer to easily raise and lower long pieces of crown for fine tuning.

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antique oak claw foot table

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